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Our team at Cleaners Chiswick have been carrying out carpet cleaning services in the Chiswick area for many years and are proud of our reputation of leaving carpets looking brand new. All of our cleaners are dedicated to making sure each customer is left with a carpet which looks and feels like it was has just been laid, no matter how long ago you had it fitted. Our team knows the importance of leaving your carpets in a better condition than when we arrived and always make sure to put the reputation of Cleaners Chiswick first.

When it comes to the process of cleaning carpets and rugs, we use only the best professional industrially-grade equipment available on the market today. This ensures that we achieve superior results and leave you feeling happy with everything that we’ve done. We also make sure all cleaning solutions used are 100% eco-friendly and won’t endanger any carpet fibres or cause damage to your carpets.

Our carpet cleaners know there are certain areas around your home which require special, more detailed attention. That’s why our team pay particular attention to high-traffic areas, such as entrance hallways, living rooms, stairs and landings. Removing stains from drinks and food can be especially difficult due to accumulation of dust and dirt over time, however our team demonstrate an outstanding level of expertise when it comes to taking on these challenging tasks. We guarantee any stain or mark will be removed so that your carpet looks fresh and inviting again.

In addition the deep cleaning offered by Cleaners Chiswick, we can also refresh your carpets thanks to rug shampooing. Here, our team use potent yet eco-friendly cleaning products which will remove any bacteria or dirt from deep within the rug fibres without damaging them or causing any discolouration. This service is often necessary after a period of heavy traffic in order to ensure that dust particles don’t build up leading to an unhealthy home or working environment.

If you would like our professional carpet cleaners to take care of your carpets, rugs or upholstery then give us a call today on Call Now!. Alternatively, you can request a quote online by filling out our simple form on our website. Let us know exactly what needs doing, along with pictures if possible so that one of our team can get back to you with a personalised estimation for each job. Get in touch now for impeccable customer service every time!

  Remarkably Low Price on Cleaners Chiswick Service

Treat yourself to the highest standard of cleaning and our amazingly low prices by just hiring our cleaners Chiswick at time convenient to you.

Price List

Carpet Cleaning £ 55
Upholstery Cleaning £ 55
End of Tenancy Cleaning £ 95
Domestic Cleaning £ 13.50
Regular Cleaning £ 13.50
Office Cleaning £ 13.50

*Price excluding VAT
*Minimum charge apply


My experience over 10 years has been entirely positive, and any issues have been promptly resolved.

Lauren Humbolt

The entire apartment was spick and span - no remaining evidence of hardened grease spots or limescale buildup in sight.

Christopher Henry

The cleaning staff were amazing - such a great level of work and very enthusiastic yet professional at all times.

Tina Bryans

So far, every call I've made on Chiswick Cleaners's cleaners has been met with extraordinary results, leaving me feeling elated with their work output!

Alicia Smith

Mum was visiting me, so I do what I always do, call Chiswick Cleaning to give me a one-off clean, just for mum. Great cleaners! That should definitely make her happy!

Alison Ferrer

Truly one of the best cleaning companies I have ever used. Their cleaners are the best. I would use them again.

Vienna S.

Cleaning Services Chiswick are a very good cleaning services, very cheap, and good appointment times.

Lewis Newton

Very cheap and easy to use Chiswick Cleaning Services for cleaning services. They are very responsive and be there as soon as need them.

Tonya Uzbejk

Window cleaning has never been my forte, so when I moved to a new and bigger house and ended up with a lot more windows to clean I knew I needed some help. The window cleaners at Cleaning Chiswick have given me all the help I needed. They're really flexible so I can book the appointments around my schedule, they turn up right on time so I'm never waiting around, and they get the job done fast! I will definitely keep using them and I urge everyone else to do the same.

Finn Patterson

I had had my living room carpet for years and had always tried my best to take care of it. As time when by and it became older, my cleaning skills wouldn't be enough to keep it looking good. This is why I hire CleanersChiswick to do things for me these days .Their skilled cleaners are able to handle all the cleaning chores for me so I'm guaranteed the best results. They have kept my carpet cleaner than I could and have taken good care of it. They have helped keep it clean and vibrant, so I have to thank them for their hard work.

Robert Matthews

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